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2012-05-17 11:19 pm

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Skuld closed her eyes a moment, disconnecting mentally from Banpei, she knew it was dangerous enough to use her magic around Loki, no, Liam, she had to keep thinking of him as Liam or she'd screw up her own plans... But the magic, she had to keep clamped down as much as possible, she didn't want to alert Thor where she was at the moment.  Not with her current company.

Opening her bedroom door she padded to the kitchen hoping there was still ice cream.  She needed something to eat at least.  Banpei alerted her something was off in the area, someone who shouldn't be on Midgard. 

No, I won't have this plan ruined because someone got curious, I swear if it's one of Odin's I'm going to beat some sense into them...  She thought as she made her way down the hall, glad she had thought about changing from her PJ's before leaving her room, though really a baby doll dress to a potential fight, you'd think the Norn would have thought that out a little better.