Apr. 6th, 2014

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She knew why she had returned. It was a place that Heimdall couldn’t see, she had made sure of that a thousand years before, and now it was tainted...

She had a feeling he had followed her. He hadn’t really left her alone since they had run into each other in the small town This side of the Canadian American border. Stepping up to the door she touched it lightly closing her eyes hacking the security systems. The doors opened and she stepped inside, working through the wreckage, past the labs where most the work was done. Finding her way to the control room of the facility she froze, her eyes on the door, but her feet wouldn’t move. She knew what she’d find in there... After all it was where she had been kept, forced to feed them information that they wanted for a decade if not more.

She needed to destroy the data banks if anyone could hack into them...

“My job,” She still didn’t move closer, her head hurt...

She knew she had to get in there, but the thought of it was making her have a panic attack. Valkarie weren’t supposed to panic!


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