Oct. 6th, 2020

Mun's notes

Oct. 6th, 2020 06:07 pm
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First off I'm not Skuld, I'm just borrowing her to have a little fun. Don't go all high and mighty with me because I'm playing a Goddess. Really guys this is for fun! Basing her off various sources, including mythology.

Flashback Verse - Anything that happens while Skuld is a Norn and Valkarie in Asgard. Basically this is anything that helps me flesh her out as a goddess and pulls her from Oh My Goddess Cannon more.

Amnesia Verse - Skuld's taken Loki from the Avengers in order to attempt to stop Ragnarok. Her timing was just after Hulk knocked him around, giving him amnesia which she's attempting to keep the memories from returning, calling him Liam, and using one of her alias's of Sarah Smith, a young girl with strong ties in certain communities. She knows if her plans fail not only is she going to be in trouble with people on Midgard, but her sisters probably won't forgive her for it.

Marvel verse
- Details for her AU are located here Amnesia verse is part of this AU.

She's open for Plotties and lines, someone please get her to shut up!  All permission things direct here


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