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Sarah Smith appeared within the tower actually going to one knee weakened.  She knew she needed to rest, but keeping Loki hidden from Thor at least was her top priority at the moment. 

Banpei gave a soft beep and she shook her head.  “I’m fine, needed to come to check on things.  Everything’s going to schedule right?”  She stood carefully moving to the hidden elevator that would shoot her to the top level. 

The returning beeps alerted her that things were still working according to her plans as far as the Asgard built computer knew.  Skuld stepped into her apartment watching some of the small ‘helper’ bots move around to bring her anything she wished.    She mentally nudged them into making her some juice as she sank into a chair.  “Any news on Urd and Verthandi’s energy signatures yet?”

The negative beep had her frown.  Banpei handed her some juice and she sipped at it watching the information she requested filter over a screen.  “They haven’t noticed I’m missing yet either have they?”

Again a negative beep, she nodded slightly.  “Wake me in about an hour, I need to get back to Loki to keep him hidden a while longer.  I don’t want him finding out who he is just yet, he’ll cause too much trouble, hoping keeping him acting as mortal will teach him a lesson.”



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