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What more could a man striving for power want?  Control over the future would be a good start.  Does help that Future is weakened by her time spent on Earth searching for her sisters. 

Which was the only reason the child Norn was standing before Victor Von Doom at the moment, she had heard he might know of the whereabouts of Verthandi, the sister she was closest to.

"So, where's my sister?  You sent word that you knew where she was, and don't try to double cross me Doom, I have no problem killing those who wish me ill will."  Hey it sounded good right?  Not like she really had the power to cut threads at the moment.  He didn't need to know that though.

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"Now, now threats are so unbecoming, my dear Skuld." Von Doom replied smoothly, moving to step around her and size her up. He'd been watching her months now. Ancient. Once powerful. But diminished from her former glory.

Just as science held an allure to him, so had magic, though the his studies of the latter had been done secretly. As he built up his business empire, while working behind the scenes to increase his influence over his home country. He had studied various cultures and the delve into what they believed to only myths about magic. It was in those studies that he had learned of her kind and the people that believed in them and worshiped them.

It was also in those studies that he had come across various spells of binding and neutralizing for beings of her elk. One such spell had been scribbled across the room, hidden beneath the expensive carpet she currently stood upon.

"Why would I ever wish you ill?" He asked, idly lifting a hand up to brush her hair off of her shoulder. "You, Skuld, are quite important to me in fact." He added smoothly, his hand moving to lightly tip her chin.

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He merely smiled as she scowled up him, lifting his hands up in mock surrender. All to aware of the fact that her bark was greater that her bite at present. Though he stepped away and leaned against his desk. "Indeed I have done my research." He said, a slow smile stretching across his face. "Just how long have you been separated from your sisters now?" He asked her pointedly, grasping his hands together in front of himself.

Only a few uttered words from his lips was all that was needed to complete the binding. However he refrained from fully pulling the trigger, in favor of giving her a sporting chance of figuring out what was happening. Though Victor Von Doom was sure that he would be getting what he wanted, regardless of her unwillingness to aid him.

The inscriptions strategically placed about the room would ensure her cooperation when everything was said and done.

"All these years spent among mortals. It must be so tiring for you to be stuck on 'Midgard' away from your home."

Date: 2012-05-26 09:26 am (UTC)
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"As you've basically said yourself, you can't get something for nothing. My proposal is a modest one really." He told her, moving one of hands to the desk and dragging his finger across the wooden finish. "You help me complete my plans and I will help you find your sister."

A bargain, he might have even honored had she been more receptive when she appeared. He found her after all. Though as it stood, she would be of much more use to him if he just forced her hand.

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"Key phrase, supposed to be." He replied with a smirk. "It's an ever expanding world and I'm just looking for ways to stay ahead." He added leaning forward, placing the palms of his hands on the sides of the desk.

"The competition is pretty stiff." He said jokingly. "Stark Industries, is working on new energy technology and I find myself intrigued."

Of course Tony Stark and his company was of great interest to Von Doom, but not the only interest of his. But it was a start. Just a few predictions of where Stark's tech was going could prove quite useful to him. Though getting a hold of any of Stark's tech would be even better.

"I need to know what Stark is up too and my intelligence gathering network can only get only get so far."

A lie, as a good portion of his intelligence was coming from SHIELD and they had quite the file on Stark, among other things. Though he wasn't quite ready to mention the Tesseract or the group of superheroes that Fury was hoping to bring together to her and tip too much his hand in her line of sight.

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"I did say it was a modest proposal, did I not?" He told her simply, his face betraying nothing of the thoughts that lurked beneath that polished surface of his. "It's not just myself that depends on the success of my company, but my country too. You probably already know that more than half of the money that keeps Latveria going comes from my company." He admitted, as anyone able to do a little digging could find out who the biggest contributions and funds were coming from.

What wasn't on the records was his efforts behind the shadows to take out key members of government, thus setting himself up as the next ruler of Latveria. Just as he had his trap set to neutralize the Norn, plans were already in motion put him on the throne. And the fruits of his labor were beginning to ripen and soon would be ready to pluck.

"Do we have a bargain?" He asked, feeling her out to see just how much more spell work would be needed to get her to do what he really needed to be done.

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His neutral expression dropped the moment she figured out what was going on in the room, though slowly a sadistic smile began stretching across his face. "I did say I had done my research," he said coldly, pushing himself off the desk. Noting the change in her eye color, he muttered the last of the incantation to fully complete the binding spell as he didn't want her trying to escape now.

"Did you really think that I wouldn't be prepared for you?" He asked her simply. "One doesn't simply call ancient beings to their domain without having an insurance policy."

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"I don't expect you to understand my plans. I've been doing all I can block you from them in fact." He told her, a spell beginning to spark at the tips of his fingers. "I'm not like any other man you've met." He added, releasing the small bolts of lightning at her and her spear, the strength of spell only meant to stun her and show her that he did indeed mean business.

"You're going to aid me, Skuld. I promise you that." His green-eyed gaze darkening as he began to summon more of his own magic. Not many people would ever look at Victor von Doom and guess that he was a sorcerer, especially not with the way, he was constantly working on new technologies.
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"Oh I'm not trying to mix them. Who do you think I am? Hydra?" He replied with a laugh, releasing yet another small bolt of electricity at her in the process. The significance of the flickering lights were not lost on him, cause if he wasn't doing it than it automatically meant it was her. Luckily the main binding spell was underneath and that wouldn't be broken until he released it himself.

Again he muttered yet another incantation to activate the next spell that would begin to penetrate her mind as he needed to get at her memories. He wouldn't trust her to tell him what all she had seen on her own. Which obviously it meant, he would have to force her to tell him.

"Just how much of the future have seen as of late?"
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His power wasn't unlimited but he had been conserving energy in preparation for facing down the Norn. Indeed the fight she put up resisting the spell put a drain on him, but still had enough juice to focus the spell harder on her.

"Surely just telling me what I seek to know would be less painful." He told her. "If I have to pry the knowledge lose it will only cause you more suffering." He added coldly.


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