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Birthdate:Jan 1

Character name: Skuld

Fandom: Norse Mythology,

Description: She looks twelve years old, dark hair dark eyes. Mostly she wears skirts and blouses, though she is knows to wear torn jeans and baggy shirts just for that ‘human’ look. When she can get away with it her hair’s loose and in her face, though if she’s working on something she has it pulled up with an elastic band that has gears on it much like the little kid bands with the balls or cubes.

History: Skuld was ‘born’ if you could call it that, as the third Norn. Her sisters are Verdandi, and Urd, whom deal with the present and the past. Skuld’s main job is to tend to the future, and ensure that there will be one. Because of this she ages slower than her sisters, one year for her is one million years for everyone else. She’s plagued with glimpses of the future, most of which are the final battle Ragnarok, which she blames mostly on Frigg, whom thought so little of mistletoe to ask it for protection of her favorite mentor Baldr, though she also blames Loki for finding out about the error.

She is also the leader of the Valkarie, the winged warrior women that fight at the final battle. While she’s still a little sloppy with most weapons, she’s gifted with her shield.
Because of her nightmares she tries her best to prevent Loki from pulling off his task, she’d rather not see her family destroyed for real. Which is part of the reason she’s currently hiding in Hell working on a program-spell to destroy Fenrir; whom she watches eat her sisters in her visions. While in Hell she was testing the spell, and it backfired on her turning her mortal.

Likes: Her sisters, machinery, Verdandi, Urd, Baldr, Allfather, Luci, Gabriel, Sam (And most his brothers), friends and family, Icecream (Okay so I kept that one from AMG, but couldn’t help it I see lots of potential for trouble making for this one), having fun playing games, protecting her loved ones

Dislikes: Loki, Frigg, Alistair (Though the Mun loves ya Ali! Really!), and anyone who would dare harm a child because they’re weaker, angels with emotes (Lets face it that's scawy! ;) )

Weaknesses: Her Mortality, she tends to forget about her current condition.

Strengths: She’s resourceful if anything else, and her charming personality. Okay maybe just her bright smile and willingness to continue on with whatever she’s attempting until she gets it right.

RL PB: Jodelle Ferland
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