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Skuld's project - (Artist linked with image.)

In the middle of empty lots, condemned buildings and general horrible disuse in a city as large as NYC stands a building, only five stories tall, the area around it about two weeks ago had been ruined pavement, which has been removed, and topsoil has been put down, a playground has also been installed.

Going to the building its self, you see that the crumbling walls are now supported by... trees?

The first four floors are redone opened up, and more topsoil has been brought in. Young plants are scattered around here and there a breeze flows through ever open windows. The top level, there doesn't seem to be a way into, though there's controls and computers there, running the environment, and security. No guards are around, but it's a living building, the 'child' behind it's design chose the placement for it so to hide what's underneath, her workshops. In another month she'll open it to the public, the officials, who have seen her associate only (A hologram she created to help her), are running tests to see if it will be structurally sound for the public.

((Ooc info: The building is techno organic, programmed to act exactly like living plants, inside the building the plants are real and mostly edible, which she has people come to harvest when they're ripe, donating it to shelters around the city.))
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