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Because of her abilities I thought it would be a good idea if I posted one.

Can Skuld??
do any of the following? )
Mind readers
I don't mind if mind readers read her mind, she doesn't really have mental shields

Techies -
If Skuld is hacking your system and you catch her feel free to counter hack her.  Keep in mind you will be hacking her and not a computer.

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Aliases: Skuld, Sarah Smith, Shannon, Natasha (Many others)

Background info: Skuld's on her 4th (or so) trip to Earth, this time being stranded there about 50 years. She ages much slower than a normal human (Being a Norn she's 'stuck' her age).

First trip: 9th century, here she lived among the mortals doing her duties as Valkarie, choosing the fallen to be in the armies to protect Valhalla.

Second trip: 15th century, again preforming duties as Valkarie.

Third trip: near the end of the 18th century, she followed one of her sisters in arms to Earth, with orders to destroy her since her 'sister' had questioned orders and refused to do her duties. This time Skuld stayed a while, refusing to carry out the orders she had been given, though she did remove the abilities of her sister, allowing her friend to age and die on Earth. Here she gained a fondness for sweets.

Her appearance on Earth was in 1960's, she followed her sisters Urd and Verthandi, not knowing one was exiled, and the other has just disappeared. Skuld traveled around the world on foot when she had to, searching for them. She's found that Verthandi's thread faded too much for her to follow further somewhere in Asia. Urd's thread was lost to her in Africa. Since then she's been trying to figure out a way to find them and bring them back home, sure that things are getting out of order without the three of them.

She knows how the lines faded and didn't break they've been hidden from her, so she's stopped using her magic unless she needs to in order to hide from whomever took her sisters.


As Norn - Her job is to insure there is a future to be lived out

She has the ability to read threads - the lives of other living beings. The past isn't as clear to her as the future, which she's sworn to protect above all other arrangements

'speaking' to tech. Almost any technical device will tell her it's story and allow her to manipulate it, this is how she's able to hide herself from cameras, on the internet.

As Valkarie - She's a shield maiden, Skuld's used to being on the front line, protecting the target she and her partner were sent to escort to the golden halls.

Her magic, can tweak tech as needed, but the main focus of her magic's protection. She can use it to summon a shield strong enough to contain most explosions, the larger she has to make it the more tired she gets afterwards.

Skuld's (Only she knows how old she really is and isn't going to tell ANYONE) stuck in the body of a 13 year old. If tests are run on her it'll show that she is a normal little girl without her interference.

She has long dark hair and dark eyes, she tends to dress in things that aren’t as modern as normal (She loves her dresses it’s easier to hide a weapon in if needed), or if she’s pulling off the modern look, it’s very ‘preppy’; comfortable sneakers, a pleated skirt, usually grey or black, and white blouses with a silver necklace.

None official yet


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